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Sostenibilità Green

Our challenge:
the higher the value, the lower the impact.

For us, contributing to give a gift value also means investing it with responsibility: would you ever give a present that you think could be harmful to the recipient? We want to offer our clients sustainable solutions that are also, and above all, well thought-out in terms of the impact they could have.

Our products: sustainable, beautiful and resistant

That is why our attention is constantly focused on researching processes and identifying technologies that are capable of generating value, not just for the gift that they will embellish but also for the environment. Gift wrapping solutions suitable for reuse, for example, are the subject of constant research and analysis: a resistant material not only guarantees excellent performance from the packaging, but is also suited to being kept and reused in the future, all without any loss of quality.

The proper disposal of waste in the production of decorative packaging

Waste disposal is also a particularly delicate issue for us: just like some clothes, decorative packaging can also become a real display of rich and elegant details at times. That is why we aim to offer solutions made with 100% recycled and certified materials, so as to make their disposal and possibly their further recycling as easy as possible. Finally, we have identified solutions that allow us to optimise consumption during all stages of the production process: from the use of systems for the recovery of industrial solvents to the use of highly innovative digital printers for prototyping on small formats.

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