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Nastro ginnastica

Decorative ribbons:
that distinctive touch that makes
every gift unique

Flowers and elements of nature, sparkling patterns and bright colours all adorn the ribbons in STAR’s Spring-Summer collection. Each of our creations is the result of study and careful research, essential starting points to create ribbons that really know how to bring out the very best of these kaleidoscopic seasons and offer you high-quality solutions with attention to every last precious detail.

Every gift needs just the right little flourish to make it as beautiful and special as it deserves to be.

Colourful, trendy and easy-to-use polypropylene ribbons

As the best-selling and most widely-used ribbons in decorative packaging, polypropylene ribbons – loved for their bright colours and fashionable patterns – are perfect for making bows inspired by spring and summer. The two seasons are rich in natural elements, such as ladybirds and vibrant flowers, which provide ample inspiration for polypropylene ribbons that truly stand out as something special.

By combining the versatility of spring and summer with our creative flair, we can customise our polypropylene ribbons to suit your tastes, meaning that every one of your gift ideas will be simply unique.

Paper ribbons for a gift with a natural look

To make ribbons that combine colours and patterns in an original way, we at STAR use paper, which is pleasant to the touch and environmentally-friendly as it is a plant-based material. One need only take a look at the many recycled paper ribbons (link) that we have produced over the years to see how much we care about sustainability. Spring and summer are seasons of rebirth: what better material to use to create paper ribbons for gift packages redolent of their explosion of colours?

Soft and easy to use, fabric ribbons are a tender caress

Reminders of spring are behind every corner, just like gifts wrapped with STAR packaging are carefully hidden. From the delicate pinks to the bright colours and pastel shades of the “Bubbles” and “Polka” ranges, to our fabric ribbons such as “Salsa” and “Boogie Woogie”, and our simple single-colour ribbons: we love to celebrate colours and patterns, playing with natural materials such as jute, cotton and synthetic fibres, smooth or woven fabrics, glossy or matte, creating infinite solutions: each fabric ribbon is perfect for a specific occasion.

Blisters and displays for perfect organisation

If you’re looking for stick-on bows, hanks, mini spools, stars and an endless range of other solutions to meet your customers’ needs, you’re in the right place. STAR is a reliable partner for retailers and large-scale distributors which, especially at certain times of year, have to be able to provide their customers with everything they need to customise their gifts and make them original.

At once functional and aesthetically pleasing, our blisters and displays – solutions of assortments in coordinated patterns or solid colours – are designed to satisfy all your display needs.

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