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Everything for gift wrapping in large-scale distribution

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We are your partner
in the large-scale distribution sector

Supplies for all stores, complete assortments for retail sale intended for the end customer, customised according to your commercial needs and your setup.

If your company operates in the large-scale distribution sector, we are the right partner for you, because we are well acquainted with the continuous evolution of your world, the complex capillarity and the omnichannel development of your businesses.

Wrapping paper, bows and ribbons, and plenty more accessories designed for large-scale distribution

By choosing our products, you can surprise and excite your customers, offering them a complete and creative range of solutions for gift wrapping: bows, wrapping paper, customised ribbons and much more for all kinds of packaging, be it at Christmas or during the rest of the year. You can decide how to put together the range you want to offer, choosing and drawing inspiration from the many products available in the catalogue.

Download the large-scale distribution mini catalogue

Catalogo nastri e blister Primavera
Catalogo nastri e blister Primavera

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