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STAR packaging decorativo

Wrap your gift
in a wrapping paper
fit for a dream

The wrapping paper is the dress that traditionally conceals the gift. At Christmas, more than ever, it represents a true sign of the festive period, the element that is capable of transmitting a message.

STAR knows how to understand and interpret your needs by offering wrapping paper in countless types of sizes and weights, with a range of both solid colours and classic patterns as well as more sophisticated solutions with stunning visual effects: pearlescent, matte, glossy, two-tone and more, to satisfy your customers and all product types.

Wrapping Paper

There is always a way to make a Christmas present a unique moment. One of these is the option of choosing a wrapping paper that is able to stand out thanks to the originality of the pattern, with a wide range of Christmas icons revisited in an artistic way, or focusing on innovative stylistic solutions.

STAR has sought to be close to you and your customers by developing the most enchanting and surprising products.

Wrapping Paper

Solid-coloured wrapping paper is the best way to interpret the classic aspect of Christmas, a solution that you can pair with genuine products for adults and children alike.

All this thanks to the many types of wrapping paper offered by STAR, all of which you can find in our catalogue: pearlescent, matte, glossy and double-sided papers/ You’re sure to find the colours best suited to your business.

Special Papers

STAR focuses on research and technological innovation in order always be able to offer you something unique and inimitable. So here is our offering of special wrapping papers with patterns that can give pleasant tactile sensations as you run your fingers over smooth or rough surfaces adorned with precious relief elements. And that’s not all: we also have fine designs as well as metallic and glittered surfaces, so your gifts can sparkle with all the magic of a dream. And let’s not forget tissue paper, an age-old classic that has been rediscovered, perfect for wrapping your most delicate and precious items.

and Assortments

A particularly useful and valuable service is to be able to provide your customers with the widest choice of papers and other materials to wrap up the treasures they find on their Christmas shopping expeditions.

STAR offers displays and assortments designed specifically for decorative packaging in retail and large-scale distribution outlets, where every shopper can easily spot the products they like best.

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