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Drawing from nature and blending it with a touch of imagination to create the perfect wrapping paper

How often do you receive a gift and hesitate to open it because the paper is simply too beautiful to tear open? Anyone who wraps a present makes a conscious choice as to which paper to wrap it in and, in doing so, puts their own personal touch on it.

It’s not just the gift that reveals the tastes of whoever has chosen it, but the paper itself that conveys something of their personality.

Paper is a ubiquitous material in a great many contexts in our lives, and in the STAR universe, it is unquestionable a key element in gift wrapping.

Our spring-summer collection has given rise to an infinite range of wrapping papers bearing the most magical colours and elements of these two wonderful seasons.

Patterned wrapping paper: that explosion of colours and visuals that only summer and spring can give

Brightly-coloured parrots, delicately blossoming flowers, tiny starfish and adorable cacti are just some of the patterns that we can supply for you to offer your varied clientele. We have taken the best parts of spring and summer and printed them on our wrapping paper so that they can convey all the warmth and life of these magical seasons.

Ours is not your run-of-the-mill gift wrapping paper: inspired by fashion, design and upholstery, but also the spectacular landscapes that every corner of the world has to offer, the STAR design team has created an infinite number of creative solutions.

Our aim is to help you offer your customers those perfect products that can create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Solid-coloured wrapping paper: a single colour can conceal a world of emotions

There are clients who prefer solid-colour solutions to patterned ones, because each colour conveys a different emotion. In addition to offering you a wide range of different colours, STAR also creates wrapping paper in the widest variety of styles.

100% recycled, kraft sealing, laminated or metallic, matte or glittery, iridescent or pearlescent, and even two-tone: our wrapping paper, in its many shades and finishes, is capable of lending every gift a different emotion.

Special papers, for a truly special offering for your customers

If a wrapping paper were not just eye-catching, but also pleasant to touch, wouldn’t it make the gift that much more special?

Our design team loves to dare and experiment, with a view to innovation and continuous evolution; it is STAR’s unparalleled flair for creativity that has given rise to soft and velvety papers, iridescent wrapping paper, and others completely covered in shimmering glitter, perfect for offering your customers original solutions.

…but our offer doesn’t stop there! Delicate patterned tissue paper, as detailed and realistic as a painting, ideal for wrapping an Easter egg, and waterproof paper that’s perfect for anyone who works in the kaleidoscopic world of flowers. STAR’s spring/summer collection is a volcano of creative, cutting-edge ideas.

Order and harmony with Displays and Assortments from STAR

Divided up by colour, pattern or category, our wrapping paper has to capture your customers’ attention at first glance: that’s why our stands and displays (link) are designed to hold folded or rolled-up gift wrap, depending on the preferences and requirements of those who are looking for the perfect material to wrap a gift.

Essential and hard-wearing, practical and easy to use, our displays make STAR products more visible and easy to choose from: our solutions are ideal for making the choice of packaging simple and effective.

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