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Ginnaste Packaging

The art of creating
tailor made products

Star’s collections, both for Christmas and for Spring/Summer, include hundreds of different items, all distinguished by the excellent quality of the materials and the variety and panache of the patterns: strengths that have made Star one of the world’s leading producers of gift wrapping gift wrapping.

But Star wants to be even closer to your requirements.
For all your needs regarding making the gifts you want to wrap truly special, as well as highlighting your brand,

Star is glad to support you by designing unique solutions just for you..

We are able to customise our products to meet your needs

Product type:

the colour and design of the ribbons and wrapping paper can be created according to your requirements.


we give you the opportunity to choose a packaging model and the accompanying labels according to your needs.

Quantity and

even the numbers can make the difference, and this is an additional variable that can be decided according to your specific needs.


Just like the gift packaging, the pack itself can also be designed according to your requests and needs  
Are you a large-scale distribution company?
Our customisation options are not limited to the characterisation of all our products! If your company operates in the large-scale distribution sector, we are able to offer tailor-made services to you as well, providing you with an assortment that is properly suited to your needs and in line with what your customers are requesting.

What are you waiting for?! We don’t know exactly what you need yet, but we can guarantee that we have a solution that’s just right for you

Fill in the form and tell us about your requirements


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