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Nastro rosso ginnastica

A world of ribbons
to embellish your gifts

Ribbons are elements that can lend a gift real charm by giving it a splash of colour, shine, originality or tradition depending on the product chosen. STAR interprets the atmosphere of Christmas, finding solutions that can adapt to the widest range of contexts with the aim of satisfying your tastes, by using countless styles and formats to cater to the different product sectors.

Our product range grows year after year with the addition of new materials and patterns, to meet your every need.


These are some of the most widely-used decorative ribbons in the world. If the material reflects a long-standing tradition, our incredible range of patterns is capable of giving it the special treatment with shiny, pearlescent and metallic elements.

The poetry of a starry sky, the timeless charm of an ancient pattern, the warmth of tradition. But the imagination of our creative department has allowed us to truly think outside the box, designing beautiful polypropylene ribbons with their roots in tradition, yet combined with the most modern and innovative designs.

Paper Ribbons

Over the last few years, paper has once again become an increasingly popular material, both for its tactile aspect – which makes it unique – and due to its being more environmentally friendly, an issue which our clients are becoming increasingly sensitive to.

We offer a vast selection of paper ribbons, with an increasingly wide range of colours, from the classics to gold and silver, even including patterns embellished with two-tone elements. That’s because gifts are always important, but knowing how to make a present truly stand out can turn it into something unique and spectacular.

Fabric Ribbons

Our fabric ribbons are capable of transmitting all the warmth of the giver, accompanied by a touch of originality and flair that only this material can lend.

The elegance of our solutions makes them ideal for a variety of contexts, where a Christmas present deserves to be sealed with a truly stylish flourish: from clothing boutiques to delicatessens and patisseries, as well as wineries and luxury gift shops.

Now all you need to decide is which gift you’d like to embellish.

Blisters and displays

Christmas is a time for everyone, and that is why both small shops and large-scale retailers have to be ready to satisfy their customers by providing everything they need to wrap their Christmas gifts.

The blisters designed by STAR are the ideal way of displaying a variety of items for sale, including wrapping paper in rolls or sheets, bags, shoppers, ribbons, bows – including the handy stick&go and sprint options – as well as full assortments of the entire range.

This is an excellent way to make Christmas shopping quick, easy and enjoyable: a tailor-made experience for each of your customers.

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