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Nastro rosso ginnastica

A gift isn’t just a present
it’s also a talent

This consideration has given rise to the new message that we want to communicate, translating something that is a real missionfor us: to help make every single gift shine.

And that is how this new image was born, featuring a rhythmic gymnast, a choice that is not necessarily tied to the ribbon as a tool – amongst the specialities included in the Olympic discipline – but one that aims to evoke a broader, more articulated concept: a gift has to be perfected and drawn out so that it can be appreciated and thus transmit essential values.

STAR’s talent lies in its ability to offer its clients the opportunity and tools to transform their products into gifts, highlighting their talent, namely the product itself, an object that will take on an important meaning for someone.

In order to create this campaign, we have engaged in a deliberate collaboration – one we have believed in from the very beginning – by establishing a partnership with a team of rhythmic gymnastics athletes, extraordinary girls who cultivate their talent day after day to achieve excellent results both nationally and internationally.

A path of communication that we hope will be with us for a long time, as it effectively encapsulates out values and the passion that has been driving our work for over 50 years.

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