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The quality of STAR
gift wrapping at the best price

An entire department dedicated to shopping, full of unmissable bargains at knockdown prices. Our outlet is a treasure trove of resources to draw upon for all your decorative packaging needs.

Are you looking for a particular item that has been very popular with your customers, but that you haven’t been able to find for quite some time? It may be hiding here, in our Outlet!

Or are you looking for wrapping paper, ribbons or gift wrapping accessories and home decor that offer the perfect balance between quality and savings?

Thanks to our Outlet, we are able to offer you some excellent deals in terms of both price and quantity, with offers in stock that are ideal for anyone who wants to stock up on several variants of the same product





This page offers just an example of some of the types of items you can find in our Outlet, but it’s also incredibly easy to find out if we can also provide you with the product you’re looking for…

Fill in the form and someone
from our Sales Department will get in touch to assist you


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