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Sacchetti natalizi

Gift bags:
a precious gift wrapped in retro charm

An enveloping container in which you can place an important item, keeping it safe and ensuring that it is a surprise for the recipient.

Gift bags are capable of making even an everyday object into something special, especially if they are made with materials that can truly bring out its essence, in a colour that can convey all the joy and magic of Christmas.


Their defining characteristic is that they are practical, without losing their sense of personality.

STAR offers you a wide variety of polypropylene bags (link) in many colours, so every customer can let their imagination run wild and find the perfect one for their gift.

Paper Bags

Paper is once again the star of the show when it comes to bags, from small items to larger ones.

Clients who choose paper for their decorative packaging wish to convey a certain sense of respect for the planet and environmental consciousness, without having to compromise on the pleasure of feeling original thanks to STAR’s solutions.

Fabric Bags

Fabric bags unleash all the potential of shapes and colours to bring wholly unique gift packages to life which are capable of giving your presents that special touch.

STAR brings together the best of what the market has to offer: cotton, satin, velvet, linen, organza and many more materials besides to make you feel like the star of your creations. CTA: Download the mini catalogue.

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