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Scatole natalizie

Gift boxes:
art and innovation breathe new life
into an age-old tradition

Gift boxes contain not just products, but also the charm linked to ancient traditions, when these objects were placed under the Christmas tree, feeding the imaginations of children of all ages.

New colours,
shapes and sizes for your gift box

The gift box is a treasure chest in which you can deposit a very carefully and thoughtfully chosen gift. We decided to revive these old customs in a spectacular way, with a truly vast range of decorative packaging (link) solutions, offering original shapes, innovative colours and skilfully-combined materials.

Presenting our classic, single-colour paper boxes, suitable for all occasions – boxes to make the recipient’s eyes widen in anticipation, with elegant and charming two-tone combinations, especially with traditional colour pairings such as Christmas red, gold and silver. STAR has also designed round shapes with a side opening, to make your special packages as romantic as possible.

Our boxes come accompanied by accessories that are specifically designed to lend your gift a playful or sophisticated look, depending on the occasion.

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