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rocchetti nastro

Strong and resistant,
raffia is perfect for the world of gifts

Raffia is a versatile material that can be processed in different ways to create solutions that are both decorative and functional. We at STAR love to get creative, which is why we have come up with a range of products that are perfect for your customers’ gift packages. We have also managed to dream up imaginative solutions for true connoisseurs, such as metal raffia, which can lend gifts a precious and elegant appearance.

Raffia ribbons, paper raffia… be amazed by the incredible range of products that we have created with this highly resistant material. From neutral tones to coloured raffia, STAR is able to satisfy the packaging needs of all of your customers.

Gift wrap the “wow effect” with raffia ribbon

What makes raffia ribbon-wrapped packages so unique? It surely has to be the perfectly made matches, which are guaranteed to deliver a “wow effect”. We have every type of colour imaginable, ensuring that you have the widest range of wrapping papers available to you: indulge yourself with everything from our classical colours to shiny colours, two-toned colours, and metallic colours (and let’s not forget the ever-so alluring golds and silvers). Solutions that add unique shape and volume to your packages, thanks to the natural crumpling property of our wrapping materials.

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