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Gift bags:
sinuous dresses for special gifts

We love diversity, be it in ideas, personalities, needs or solutions: that’s why our range of products just gets bigger and bigger every year in an effort to respond to the current trends and create accessories capable of standing out in a world as vast as that of decorative packaging.
STAR’s gift bags, plain or patterned, or a creative alternative for holding a gift, along with all the meaning it holds and the emotions it conveys. For our spring-summer collection, we have created polypropylene bags and paper bags for gift packages inspired by the colours and patterns of these two evocative seasons.

Imaginative, durable and practical polypropylene bags

Have you ever had a customer ask you for a simple solution to pack a gift? Easy-to-use, robust and versatile, polypropylene bags are the answer to this specific need. Metallic or glossy, matte or pearlescent, with or without adhesive flaps, our design team has created gift bags to suit all tastes. STAR also offers assorted blisters, organised by category: for example, we have bags peppered with stars, musical notes and colourful flowers, a true tribute to the serenity of spring and the joy of summer. Polypropylene bags, made from a non-toxic and fully recyclable material, are ideal for packaging a present in a quick way without compromising on the elegance of the solution. Remember: decorative packaging, as a communication tool, must always be chosen with great care.

Paper bags

A versatile packaging solution that is suitable for both small objects and much larger ones. Choosing paper for your decorative packaging conveys a certain sense of respect for the planet and environmental consciousness, without having to compromise on the pleasure of feeling original thanks to STAR’s solutions.

Give your gift a unique flourish with STAR’s fabric bags

Our design team simply loves to play with the myriad fabrics on offer, and every day, they let their creativity shine by creating jute gift bags as well as bags made of cotton, organza, linen, velvet, satin and any other fabric you can think of to package a gift. Knowing that each and every customer has different requirements, we at STAR are pleased to help you choose the perfect solution for your end users.

Gifts are already precious in themselves, but if they are presented in fabric gift bags, their value can only increase. These are generally kept to be used again, especially when the elegance and sophistication that allow them to stand out make them handsome gifts in their own right.

Thanks to the numerous fabrics available on the market and the endless creativity of our designers, we are able to absorb the magic of spring and summer and apply it to the innovative fabric bags that STAR brings to life day after day.

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