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BOPP wraps, for gifts clothed
in a cutting-edge material

Produced in glossy, matte, transparent or pearlescent white variants, BOPP is a plastic film made from biaxially-oriented polypropylene that is used for numerous applications. The materials you decide to use to wrap a product – a sweet Easter egg – or give a gift – such as a precious bouquet of flowers – need to be chosen according to the characteristics of what needs to be wrapped, as well as the shelf life that they must provide. That’s why our team offers an incredible range of packaging solutions: each of your customers has specific needs, and it’s our job to help you choose what would be best-suited to satisfy a specific requirement on each occasion.

BOPP, packaging material for every occasion

We play with the widest range of patterns and the stunning hues of spring and summer to create exclusive paper for packaging, each variant characterised by meticulous attention to detail, in the belief that aside from quality, design and innovation, the details really are what make the difference. BOPP is a material characterised by high tensile strength and good water-resistant properties but, above all, it is completely recyclable: that is why STAR, which prides itself on its love for the environment, uses it to create a whole range of different solutions that you can offer your customers.

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