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Think of an important event that marks the life of every human being: STAR is right there beside you for it. As our journey through life is marked by occasions that must be celebrated, we continuously create solutions for the most suitable types of decorative packaging to wrap them up in the best way possible.

We will be your trusted partner and an attentive consultant every time you need to respond to your customers’ requests, starting from a moment as magical as the one when a new life comes into the world. For the occasion, we have new baby bows and pastel-coloured boxes, perfect for holding flowers on the day of their baptism.

The perfect decorations for your unique moments

We can provide you with gift bags and boxes, personalised ribbons, special bows and decorations of all materials, colours and patterns to make every birthday unforgettable.

You can count on us to provide your customers with original accessories for their graduation day, such as ribbons and bows for laurel wreaths and boxes and bags lined with fabric for the sugared almonds you give your guests.

We will also be there on what some call the happiest day of their lives: the day when two people are indissolubly bound together, offering personalised wedding ribbons to mark the wedding day with style as well as ribbons to decorate your most beautiful day, satisfying even the most demanding of customers. STAR is the company that helps you suggest to your customers how to give their gifts that extra special flourish: the goal is to make them shine, just like the light of heaven.

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Whether your customers have to give a bunch of red roses, celebrate a milestone at work or choose how to present the best flower arrangement to say their farewell to a loved one who has passed on, we will be by your side whenever you need us so that you can help your customers make every significant event in their lives even more unforgettable.

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