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Gift boxes, the perfect packaging
to surprise and delight your recipient

Sweets, jewellery and herbal products are just some of the products that can be presented in a gift box. Our solutions are designed for all occasions: we have created different sizes of boxes, characterised by neutral shades or the bright colours of spring and summer. Our gift boxes are made from a range of different materials, depending on the storage requirements of their contents.

One of our more creative ideas is a range of nesting paper boxes that fit snugly into one another, gradually getting bigger like a set of Russian dolls. There are also many square and rectangular cardboard boxes that feature playful black and white effects. We also have gift boxes with an integrated ribbon and others with a simple handle that makes them easy and safe to transport.

Cloth boxes, a synaesthetic pleasure

Our production also includes fabric-lined boxes, beautiful solutions that are just as nice to caress: as well as making the boxes pleasant to touch, the fabrics wrap around them delicately, showing off their elegant shape.

Unlimited imagination and a desire to come up with new ideas are the guiding lights of our creative team. Thanks to these qualities, in addition to the standard formats, we are able to offer you boxes with original designs, innovative shapes and a combination of several materials.

Every gift is a double surprise

Since some people prefer a complete surprise and others like to catch a glimpse of their gift and let their imagination run wild, STAR has produced gift boxes with small removable drawers and others with transparent covers or walls, to stimulate the recipient’s curiosity.
We have boxes designed especially for giving jewellery, as well as others that are just perfect for a flower arrangement.

Couldn’t find what you had in mind in our range? STAR is pleased to listen to your needs, helping you create a customised gift box that is perfect for you.
Our challenge is to find the perfect wrapping for all kinds of specialist niche products: we combine ideas, follow fashion trends and create innovative solutions that can truly stand out from all the rest.

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