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Ribbons and labels? Printing is no longer a problem!

Post: Ribbons and labels? Printing is no longer a problem!

Printing your ribbons has never been easier! STAR is proud to announce the start of a collaboration that provides those customers searching for a unique product with a new opportunity.

What are we talking about? A 100% ribbon printer that anyone can afford. STAR is the official distributor of the brand-new XL200: a ribbon printer developed over the years to offer an easy-to-use tool: all you need is a power outlet!

The XL200 does not need to be connected to computers, tablets or to other media, it works completely independently and really can be used by anyone. The printer is equipped with:

  • LCD screen
  • Interface and menu in Italian
  • Keyboard provided for text input

Using the XL200 has never been so easy: there are no submenus for you to navigate through, and you can choose the applications you prefer directly when starting up the printer. The XL200 will independently and automatically detect labels or ribbons without the need for any special settings.

Adopting the XL200 will allow you to make a big leap forward in the range of services you can offer your customers: the XL200 can print on many different types of media and allows you to choose from more than 20 ready-to-print designs for major occasions: birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, graduations, christenings… Thanks to the XL200, you can unleash your creativity by choosing from among:

  • 35 images
  • 6 different fonts
  • Personalised messages for every occasion

Once you have chosen the length of the XL200 message you can set it to automatically repeat for the whole rest of the available ribbon!

The XL200’s new features will allow you to print personalised labels by choosing from images, decorative backgrounds for big events, and personalised text. You will have more than 20 designs ready to print, for the biggest occasions: Mother’s Day, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, christenings, confirmations, communions, weddings… But that’s not all! With the XL200, in stand-alone mode or with the help of the free program “RIBBONDEMAND”,you can print the labels required for your business:

  • barcode labels
  • promotional labels
  • labels for your shop (also with your logo)

All with one small, practical printer: the XL200. You will be able to choose from between 40 possible combinations including:

  • 5 ink colours: metallic gold, metallic silver, red, black and white
  • 2 label shapes: square and oval
  • 4 label colours: white, transparent, kraft brown and satin gold


Want to know more about the brand
new XL200?


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Tutorial no. 7: printing a ribbon

Tutorial no. 8: printer


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