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The words left unsaid

Post: The words left unsaid

For all of us, it’s just over a month until Christmas is here, although for us at Star, we’re not talking about Christmas 2021, but rather… the Christmas yet to come.
For those who, like us, are in the business of dressing gifts, looking for just the right wrapping starts a fair way in advance, because finding the right gift means first having to understand the psychology of the person you wish to express your affection, esteem, love or simply gratitude to, because if this were not the case, giving a gift would become a mere ritual to subject ourselves to for every occasion – an imposition rather than a choice born of love.
The psychological aspect which links together the moments which lead from the initial motivation to the actual choosing of a present is very complex indeed, yet also stimulating, and in a certain way, it is the thread which we at Star rely upon when the time comes to breathe life into our work.
The beauty of being able to savour the magic of the dream that a gift creates is at the very heart of our research, because for us, the important thing is never to lose sight of the joy created by the expectation and imagination of everything that is… yet to come.
It can be precious, or symbolic, or even emotional… that’s not important. All that matters is for it to NEVER disappoint the recipient, because a gift can replace the words that are left unsaid, but in order to do so it absolutely must speak in just the right way, the most understandable and direct way possible.
If you think about it carefully, each and every one of us communicates with those around us every day of our lives, even if we never say a word. We do it even by just getting dressed to leave the house in the morning, establishing a relationship with the world at every moment of our day. By choosing how we present ourselves, we are choosing how we wish to communicate (and how NOT to!) our thoughts, feelings and moods, and in return, we receive responses or reactions, mainly instinctive ones.
In the very same way, each and every gift that we decide to ‘dress’ has a way of speaking without using a single word.
The choice of a texture, a material, an accessory, a ribbon, a colour… these all come together to influence the imagination of someone preparing to unwrap an emotion to which they have not yet given a real appearance, and sometimes, not even a connotation.
We can be the ones to decide if we want to speak the words we have in our hearts in any way we like, be it elegant, sincere, lively, playful, sweet, sensual, or… as unambiguously as possible!
The beauty of being able to come together to research the elements and combinations which can help us to reach this goal is the beauty of the research at the heart of creating our packaging experience, the research that will lead us to say “WOW, this is exactly what we wanted!” and you to say “WOW, what a gift!”.
The wait pays off completely if the wrapping perfectly matches the contents, and is even improved if the wrapping embellishes the gift itself.
Because after all, as someone once said, “waiting for pleasure is itself a pleasure”.

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